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Wildlife licenses are required to keep a majority of reptiles in Australia.

Animals will not be shipped interstate without the appropriate permits.

Click on the links below for your states regulations.

We are in VIC and apply to our department for our Export Permit.

If you are interstate you do require an Import permit which you will need to apply for in your state. We cannot do it for you.

“Animals are only available for sale in Australia.”



To make it easier for you we arrange/organise all your freight if required. Alot of care is taken in transporting your newly purchased animal, there is alot that needs to be considered when freighting, for example, in the present times scheduling times aren’t always to plan, or available so we try to offer as many options as we can.

We ship via airfreight with either Virgin Air freight or Qantas Air freight depending on availability. We also use a trusted animal transport road freight company.

These days it is policy for the air freighting companies that we book any flights via a 3rd party booking agent for Airfreight only. Road Freight is booked direct with an animal transport company.